Commercial espresso coffee machines & the art of maintenance

by | Apr 5, 2018

When customers buy a coffee from their local coffee shop they generally go back if it is a good one, and then recommend it to their friends. However, there is less of a return rate or no repeat business if the taste is not to their liking or not consistent from one day to the next.

The customers think – perhaps it could be the coffee that is at fault ? Have they used a cheaper blend today? …or is it the make of machine?  From our experience at NeroItalia inconsistent tasting espresso coffee is usually all down to poor maintenance of the espresso coffee machine. If you don’t flush the group heads each day and clean the group handles at least once a week, it will cause a build up of coffee that leads to a bitter taste. Good coffee should never taste bitter whether light, medium or dark roast. Likewise, if you don’t maintain the machine or do anything else that should be done to your machine, you will not get the full potential from it to offer the perfect cup of coffee.

So how should coffee shop owners ensure their staff are selling consistently high quality cups of espresso and not losing that repeat business?  Options can include employing a trainer versed in the art of espresso to carry out a training session with your staff, to ensure that they all are consistent in making good coffee leading to their Baristaship. Alternatively follow the steps below and incorporate it into your daily routine.

Commercial espresso coffee machines – routine maintenance procedure:

Follow the steps below…

Mogi Blue Affogato


1. At the end of each day before turning the machine off, replace any of the coffee filters in the group handle by carefully levering it out with the blind filter (filter with no holes) then insert the blind filter into the group handle.

2. Put handle with the blind in the group head. Press the continuous pour button and give it 10 seconds before stopping.

3. Empty and repeat until the water appears clear. When done do the same again, if your machine has more than one group head. Your machine has now been flushed and is ready for the next day.


1. Each week remove the filters from the group handles and use a soft sourer and a little soapy water/ (Pulcaf crystals and water) to clean any dark coffee residue from inside the group handle. Rinse thoroughly and replace.

2. At the end of each day use Pulymilk steam wand cleaner or equivalent to flush the steam wand/s. Follow the instructions on the label.

3. Daily/Weekly – Use Pulycaf group head cleaner or equivalent to flush the group head/s. Follow the instructions on the label.

If you are a cafe or restaurant owner and have any concerns about maintaining your commercial espresso coffee machine, or would like to know more about our ‘art of espresso’ training sessions, please get in touch.

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