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Here at Neroitalia, our favorite Summer dessert is the classic Affogato!

Affogato (Italian for “drowned”) is a deliciously simple dessert made from two of our favorite things, Gelato and Coffee. What could be better!

To make an Affogato simply take a single shot of espresso and pour it over (or drown) a scoop of delicious Gelato. It’s that easy.

Italian Gelato is the perfect partner for espresso.

Traditional Italian Gelato is made from milk, cream and sugar but is sweeter with less fat than other ice creams, giving it a smooth and rich consistency. Gelato is churned at a slower rate than ice cream which introduces less air into the final product, resulting in a denser, creamier frozen dessert. Gelato is stored and served at a slightly warmer temperature which allows it to soften to the consistency of those luscious swirls you see in a traditional gelateria.

Once poured, the espresso melts the Gelato into a creamy bitter sweet dessert!

Gelato Babbi
Babbi produce the finest Gelato ingredients.

Produced in the very heart of Romagna, an Italian region rich in tradition and in gastronomic-culture, Babbi have a delicious selection of Ingredients for Gelateria. Including Bases and Neuters, Pastes and Variegates, Coverings and Granuels, Toppings and Slush Syrups, Cones and Wafers and a Gluten-Free line to ensure you produce the finest authentic Italian Gelato!

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Gelataria Gelato Babbi

Or if you fancy something an ickle bit more tasty…

Why not try an Affogato with a shot of Marley Coffee Buffalo Soldier and Rum and Raisin Gelato (and a shot of Spiced Rum!)…it is Carnival after all!

Mogi Blue Affogato

Try the classic Italian Affogato with a Mogi Blue espresso poured over a scoop of Vanilla Gelato

For the perfect espresso, choose from our fantastic selection of the best artisan coffee blends from around the world, including Marley CoffeeMogi Caffè,  Pitti Caffè and Sea Island Coffee. We have years of experience in supplying tasty blends of coffee and teaching the ‘art of espresso’, to café owners and restaurateurs for the real Caffè taste experience. Whether it’s a high Arabica blend, or a true Italian Roast, we have the best in real coffee.

Rum and Raisin affogato Marley Coffee

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